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It is with great joy to see the De La Salle Supervised Schools System flourishing and growing strong as one family in the ministry of education as it marks its 50 years of existence.  De La Salle Supervision has continually become a beacon of hope for our brothers and sisters in the provinces as it strives hard to provide accessible quality Lasallian education.

I believe that this ministry is consistent with the teachings of St. John Baptist de La Salle – that is to give a Human and Christian Education to the young, especially the poor.  And as we celebrate the Golden Anniversary of De La Salle Supervision in the country, this has become a challenge for us to carry on for the next fifty more years.

Looking forward to our Lasallian Centenary!

Live Jesus in our hearts!

Br. Narciso "Jun" Erguiza, Jr. FSC
President, LASSSAI


There is a great reason for us all to celebrate the Golden Anniversary of the La Salle Brothers' ministry  through  supervision of schools. God has been so good to have inspired the Brothers to  help  other schools become agents of evangelization through  holistic formation and character building of the young.

Let this celebration serve  as a  reminder  that we keep on  striving hard in our  quest for excellence in training and forming  the students entrusted to our care through the quality of service and  various programs offered  in our schools.

St.John Baptist de la Salle   had shown us in his life that nothing is impossible if things are done for God. The ministry we are involved with  is not ours alone but God's work.  With St. La Salle, we say , the work is Yours, O God.!"

Live Jesus in our hearts, forever!

Sr. Teresita C. Octavio
LASSO Superintendent, Luzon